When I was a kid, I looked forward to parades during Carnival season, but when I think back on it, I looked forward to King Cakes even more! We had one every Friday at school, and, yes, if you got the baby, you were supposed to bring the cake for the next Friday. The baby was already inside the cake, too. (And nobody choked on it.) So when I saw this post from Fleurty Girl in New Orleans, I practically squealed with excitement! The latest trend in King Cake Parties is the uniquely Louisiana version of a Potluck supper. Every guest brings their favorite King Cake. Can you imagine tasting all those king cakes at once! We could drink champagne, wear white dresses, and pretend we're debutauntes, or put on costumes and toss some beads! In our little corner of Southwest Louisiana, we'd get to eat delicacies from Keller's, Twins, Meche's, Poupart's, Southside Bakery, and... where else?  Tell us where your favorite king cake comes from!

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