I was today years old when I learned that there is such a thing as queen cake. (Okay, I may have heard about it before, but I've slept since last Mardi Gras.)

On my Facebook feed, I noticed someone posted that they got a special delivery from New Orleans. The picture looked like a king cake, but oh no, that thing was called a queen cake.

Chris Oncale
Chris Oncale

Now, there is such a thing a queen cake in general. A quick Google search will reveal apparently 4,782 ways to make one.

No, this thing you see above is made in the New Orleans area by only one place -- Antoine's Bakery.

The bakery, with locations in Gretna and Metairie, whips up both delicious king cakes and queen cakes. But what's the difference?

Most of us know that the king cake is this doughy, buttery, cinnamony pastry layered in icing and sometimes filled with cream cheese or some other goodness. And then there's that whole baby inside thing.

So, if that's a king cake, what's a queen cake?

Apparently it's just something that Antoine's concocted themselves. According to their website, "If a King has a cake that's so special and delicious, his Queen needs one too!!"

According to my buddy Chris Oncale, who got me to wondering about this special queen cake and shared the picture you see above, "they make it almost like cheesecake with the consistency."

The Antoine's queen cake also comes with multiple decadent fillings "so that a Queen has a choice." The queen cake fillings include apple, cream cheese, strawberry and bavarian cream. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from the looks of the picture below, you can get all the different fillings in one cake if you so choose.)

And "because every Queen needs to feed a crowd," the Queen Cake only comes in large or extra large.

That's all about I can tell you about this next level Mardi Gras inspired pile of deliciousness. Of course, I could do some field research and make a trip to Metairie and pick one up.

If you've had one of Antonie's famous queen cakes, drop me a note and give me a review.

Antoine's Bakery
Antoine's Bakery

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