The only "crunches" you need in your life are the ones you hear as you devour a bag of chips now that surgeons can literally sculpt your belly fat into a set of six-pack abs.

According to Gizmodo, is very similar to your average liposuction session, but with this new procedure they leave a few fat deposits behind that are then sculpted to "accentuate the natural abdominal muscle lines". Patients have to wear foam for a few weeks after the procedure to let their new fabs (fake abs) set in, but after that you'll be rocking a tummy that will make Zac Efron jealous.

Take a peak at some of the before and after pics here.

But don't think that just because you have a new pair of fabs that you can just eat a box of donuts and skip the gym, you'll need to keep up with a healthy lifestyle to keep your faux washboard stomach looking good.

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