One of the most disturbing aspects of the collateral damage caused by the COVID-19 crisis in my mind has been the interruption of "non-emergency" and elective surgeries in the state. I can understand putting off a breast augmentation or hammertoe surgery for a few weeks but if you're needing surgery for cancer or a biopsy? That's something totally different in my mind.

I understand why Governor Edwards and Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals made the call they made so many weeks ago. The decision to prohibit such medical procedures was done out an abundance of caution mainly over a potential shortage of personal protection equipment for medical staff.

As more and more suppliers are stepping up to the plate to create masks, gowns, gloves, and face shields the return to normal medical procedures and practices hopefully won't be too far behind.

In remarks made at his Friday, April 17th press conference, Governor Edwards suggested that the reopening of hospitals and clinics for the treatment of maladies other than COVID-19 will happen "sooner than later". While no specific date was mentioned the Governor hinted that this change in policy will likely happen before May 1st.


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