Erin Hazelwood witnessed a beautiful thing amongst two strangers and she wanted to share the heartwarming story. The story begins with Hazelwood, surgery coordinator at Acadian ENT, trying to line up everything for surgery for one of her patients. The patient she was working with needed a Covid-19 test prior to surgery.  Acadian ENT sends their patients to a local walk-in clinic to have their COVID-19 testing done, and that is where the patient was sent. Unfortunately, testing for screening is not covered by insurance and there is a $50 fee for the test. According to Hazelwood, the patient, who wishes to remain nameless, was very stressed over the thought of having that extra expense for the Covid-19 test prior to her surgery.

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The patient had previously been tested for Covid-19 in the ER and went back there thinking they would be able to do it again with no charge and of course, they told her they had to charge her. The patient was sitting at Lafayette General Orthopaedic Hospital and called Hazelwood at Acadian ENT to let her know the situation. An employee at the facility overheard the conversation and handed her $50 cash without a word.

Erin Hazelwood at Acadian ENT received a call from a lady named Judy with Lafayette General Orthopaedic Hospital to inquire about the patient because she wasn’t sure why the patient was there. They were confused because this facility isn’t where she was sent by Acadian ENT for her testing. Hazelwood said that she had to call the patient to explain and when she did, the patient said an employee brought her $50 cash.  Hazelwood says she assumes it was Judy since she was aware of the situation and had just spoken with her on the phone.

Hazelwood said she was so in shock that she was speechless. She said she believes the patient was also.

Technically, the person who gave the patient $50 is a mystery, but Hazelwood said she feels pretty certain that it was Judy, the lady she spoke with on the phone. In a time where there is so much craziness, anger, stress, and hurt, this story makes us smile.

Erin Hazelwood shared the beautiful story on her Facebook page saying, “I was moved to tears at this gracious act of kindness. Thank you Judy for being a kind human.” She used the hashtag  #belikejudy. What a great hashtag. Be like Judy.


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