Spring Break is coming up, and summer is right around the corner, so it's time to plan some adventures! Every year the folks at Forbes come up with some amazing locations for travel minded individuals who might want to spread their wings and try something new and different. They are compiled by travel writers and influencers, and include everything from historic destinations celebrating milestones, to serene beaches.

This year's Best Places to Travel in 2020 is right up our alley, because a beloved Louisiana city is sitting right on top of the list. And isn't it great that we have just a quick little jaunt down I-10 to partake in everything New Orleans has to offer? The rest of the cities are below, so start your planning today for some fun.

  1. New Orleans, LA
  2. Vail, Colorado
  3. Hudson Valley, New York
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Greenville, South Carolina
  6. Orlando, Florida
  7. Sun Valley, Idaho
  8. Indiana
  9. Martha's Vineyard
  10. Key West, Florida
  11. St. Louis, Missouri
  12. U.S. Virgin Islands
  13. Scottsdale, Arizona
  14. Redding and the Shasta Cascades, California
  15. Denver, Colrado
  16. Southern Utah
  17. Lake Tahoe, California
  18. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  19. McCall, Idaho
  20. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  21. Miami, Florida
  22. Puerto Rico
  23. Plymouth, Massachusetts
  24. Los Angeles, Californai
  25. The Ozarks


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