It’s almost Who Dat time, Saints Nation. And our New Orleans Saints are showing everyone exactly what they are, true Saints. When our team would normally do their hype video to get everyone pumped up about the NFL schedule being announced, they take a different approach this year.

It actually gives me goosebumps. Just like every Saint’s hype video does. But, this time, my goosebumps are for a different reason. With New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole, going through tough times with the coronavirus pandemic, the New Orleans Saints show their compassion.

The video opens with the normal “Who Dat” hype of “You aren’t welcome here” as our fans are screaming in the Superdome. But, it takes an interesting turn in the video and suddenly the competitiveness stops. The video then shows all the support and community involvement during the pandemic. It immediately makes you feel compassion. It makes you feel proud. It makes you LOVE our team even more. It’s a reminder that even though New Orleans is struggling with COVID-19, so is everyone in the nation. Everyone in the NFL is on the same team right now.

Powerful. That’s what this video is. Powerful. I am so proud of our New Orleans Saints. WHO DAT!


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