Over the holiday weekend I traveled to New Orleans to visit the World War II Museum and the Aquarium of the Americans, and they were well worth the trip!

I had to drop Shannon and her mother off at the airport for their trip, so I decided to remain in New Orleans for the day and planned a visit to the WWII Museum with a few friends (including my brother, his son and our dad).

I started the day at the "Soda Shop" with a delicious breakfast and coffee, and then it was on to the museum.  As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by eager volunteers who are very knowledgeable about the war (most of them were there!)

Your first sight, in the lobby, are these vehicles on static display:

Picture of vehicles

When you turn the corner and look up, this baby is smiling down at you!!

Picture of Airplane

Right next to the C-47 hangs a Dauntless.

Picture of an airplane

The museum is loaded with artifacts from the war, many of which are accompanied by personal stories from the people who donated the items.  The museum is 'sectioned-off', with different sections featuring the European Theatre, the Pacific Theatre and the D-Day Invasion, among others.

After the WWII Museum visit, we drove into the Quarter to have lunch, at Clover Grill!!

Picture of people eating

After lunch, we sent the adults home and my nephew Elie and I stayed in to visit the Aquarium of the Americas.

Picture of New Orleans

Elie's favorite was the aquarium's tunnel

Kid in a tunnel

Followed closely by his encounter with a stingray.. he actually got to touch one!

Picture of ray

Remember, any time you visit New Orleans, expect to do a lot of walking.  Elie was whooped by the time we got back on Highway 90 to come home, he was asleep within a half-hour!

For more information about the National WWII Museum or the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, just click the links for the websites.  I recommend visiting both, to help balance the 'historically educational' with the 'fun educational' aspects of the museums.

And might I recommend that if you are going to visit the museums during the holiday season, take Highway 90 from Lafayette all the way to the West Bank and then come across the Mississippi on the Crescent City Connections, there were NO delays (Baton Rouge traffic is crazy with all the construction).


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