Video from a New Orleans parade shows a group of Mardi Gras lovers doing everything they can to keep the festivities rolling. A handful of people had to forcibly pick up and move a car in order to let a massive float to pass and keep the parade on track.


These heroes got absolutely drenched in Mardi Gras throws after stepping up when they were needed most. A medium-sized vehicle was parked along the parade route, causing one float to hit a snag. But, thanks to the strength of this group of New Orleanians, the parade rolled on.

Twitter via @BootKreweMedia
Twitter via @BootKreweMedia

As the handful of people got under the front end of the car, picked it up, and moved it over some feet, those on the Mardi Gras float showed their thanks via beads.

See the video for yourself from @BootKreweMedia on Twitter below.

This right here is what Mardi Gras is all about. Rain, sleet, snow, or even a parked car - nothing can stop the festivities from rolling on!

One reaction on Twitter summed up how folks felt about the moment.

It's true - New Orleans does whatever it takes to keep the party going. Shoutout to these great people who certainly deserve to enjoy all of the fun this Mardi Gras season has to offer.

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