It's Alvin Kamara's unique style that landed him on the back of a garbage truck in a photo that quickly went viral.

We posted the photo earlier and many people weren't surprised to see him on the back of a trash truck—after all, this is a guy who casually strolls the streets of the NOLA CBD on the regular and even walks back to his crib from the dome after home games.

Kamara is a man of the people—both blue and white collar, but the story behind how he got on that garbage truck is just as unique as the man himself.

According to, it was an encounter between the Saints running back and local garbage mogul and real estate developer Sidney Torres IV.

The whole thing came about when Kamara was scrolling through one of Torres' Instagram stories where Kamara spotted a post about new uniforms Torres ordered for workers on the IV Waste trash trucks that cruise the French Quarter, among other places.

Torres claims Kamara hit him up in his DMs to tell him that he liked the jacket that he posted, asking for one of his own. When he met Torres to pick it up, he said "I want to ride on the back of the truck."

When Kamara made the request, Torres revealed that he was actually planning on purchasing time for two ads to play in the dome this Sunday during the NFC Championship game. He asked Kamara if he wanted the starring role and the star running back accepted.

I was joking when he came to pick up his jacket and he was serious. We didn’t have a lot of production time. He came over, we had one camera and that was it.

The best part is that Kamara told Torres that he would actually like to take a couple of shifts in the offseason, saying it would be good exercise. So, just to be clear, this is one of the biggest stars in the NFL, asking for the opportunity to clean up the French Quarter in the early morning hours (shifts are between 2:30 a.m. and dawn) with other IV Waste workers.

He really wants to work on the back. He wants to do it working with the guys, but also wants to do it for training. He said it’s good for cleaning up the city.

Torres has a CNBC reality show where he gives out real estate advice and that's one place where he and Kamara have bonded over their shared interest in the field. While Kamara is said to be good with his finances, Torres says he didn't take any payment for the commercial shoot.

It wasn't all smooth sailing for Torres who says he (understandably) took some heat from Saints fans who were puzzled as to why a key player would be on the back of a garbage truck at such a crucial time in the playoffs.

Everybody said, this is cool and everything but if he gets hurt, New Orleans is going to hurt you. I was very nervous.

Luckily, Kamara was unharmed and Saints fans will be treated to the commercial this Sunday in the dome.

Also, be on the lookout for Kamara cleaning up Bourbon after we win the Super Bowl.

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