A New Iberia man vacationing with his wife in England helped stop a hammer-wielding thief trying to steal the Magna Carta.

Matthew and Alexis Delcambre were sightseeing on vacation in England. By all accounts, things were going great for the New Iberia couple. They decided to stop at Salisbury Cathedral to see the Magan Carta, the 1215 charter establishing the idea that the king should be judged by the same laws as everyone else. That's when things got a little crazy.

A man walked into the Salisbury Cathedral with a hammer and began trying to smash the glass case housing the Magna Carta.

Alexis Delcambre noticed what was happening and began alerting everyone she could about what was happening. That's when Mathew Delcambre along with other bystanders began to try and stop the thief.

From nola.com -

"After Alexis tried to raise the alarm to others, Delcambre and other bystanders banded together to try to hold the thief back behind the doors of the Chapter House. When the thief pushed past them, the 56-year-old information technology worker gave chase into an outer courtyard, grabbed the man’s arm near the courtyard gate and knocked away the hammer. A church employee tackled him and held him down."

Delcambre says he wasn't acting alone and that it was a group effort that successfully stopped the would-be thief.

Matthew Delcambre is the director of the Center for Business & Information Technologies at UL.

You can read more on this awesome story over at nola.com.



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