Receipts seem so innocent.  How in the world could a receipt hurt you?  Fact is, receipts may be the most toxic objects you come in contact with on a regular basis.  According to The Ecology Center, an environmental nonprofit in Michigan, that foot long receipt your handed with coupons and purchase information is a foot long piece of poison.

The Ecology Center tested receipts from many types of retailer and found the chemicals BPA and BPS.  It has to do with the type of paper used to print receipts.  The thermal paper starts off white.  Words and numbers appear on the paper when heat is applied.  This process makes receipts very very toxic.

The chemicals found on tested receipts have been linked to hormone and metabolism disorders, infertility and autism.

The center says you should not handle receipts and your children should not handle or play with them.  Receipts should not be left on kitchen tables or in cup holders and should never be put in the mouth.  And if your job requires handling receipts all day, you should consider wearing gloves.  Always wash your hands after handling receipts, especially before eating.

[Via:  MarketWatch]



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