More good things are coming to the Lafayette Regional Airport as a new $4.06 million rental car facility is planned.

The new consolidated quick turnaround facility will make renting a vehicle easier for customers and more efficient for rental car companies.

It will be located at 133 Fuel Drive and will allow rental car companies to consolidate their fleets to a central hub on airport property. This will give them the opportunity to fuel up cars, clean, do minor maintenance and park rentals while they are not parked at the terminal parking lot.

"Some companies are currently off property, so it takes more time and effort to stage them," Lafayette Regional Airport executive director Steven Picou tells The Acadiana Advocate. "This will allow these companies to have more cars at the airport and have more ready in the rental lot as well. This will allow them to provide better service for the people who are renting the cars and will be more efficient for the rental companies."

Currently, rental vehicles that aren't kept at lots at the airport are brought back and forth when there's a pick-up and drop off.

According to Picou, this new project should take about 300 days to complete.

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