Ahh, the open road there’s nothing like grabbing the family and stuffing them into the car and heading out for new adventures. In these pandemic times, car travel seems to be the way to go. At least in the friendly confines of your automobile, you can maintain your own COVID-19 bubble as it were.  Well, you can maintain that bubble until someone in your travel party needs to use the bathroom. 

That’s when you see it. Right there, gleaming like two giant half-moons in the shape of oblong rodent teeth is a highway sign for Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's has been a part of the Texas travel landscape since the early 1980s. Over the years the over-the-top travel stop has taken on legendary status for anyone whose journeys crisscross the Texas landscape.  

There are the obvious reasons you would want to stop at Buc-ee's. If each gas pump is located on an “island” then Buc-ee's has more islands than the Philippines and French Polynesia put together. That means you’ll probably never have to wait for an empty gas pump. Although you could wind up driving quite a distance to find one.  

Buc-ee's also has fuel for that other tank in your travel party. Namely, snacks, meals, sweet treats, barbeque, and a selection of edible items that have achieved their own legendary status.  Some of the items are so Buc-ee's and so Texas it’s almost hard to swallow, like a lot of tall tales from the Lone Star State.  

Still, it’s the combination of the expected and unexpected that always make a stop a Buc-ee's an adventure. And no matter where your travels take you, if they take you through Texas and for right now one other state, just know that there’s are some gleaming beaver teeth waiting and wanting to serve you.  

10 of Buc-ee's Best Snack Options for the Open Road

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