We always seem to hear bad news about Louisiana, but, for once, WalletHub has some good news for Louisiana. It's great to hear that we have a new designation for our state, and it's not something that makes us all want to cringe. Louisiana has been ranked third when it comes to the best states for taking a road trip.

It's great to able to write about one of the terrific assets of the state of Louisiana. We live here, so we know we have many tough issues, but we also know the beauty of this state. We live in a state where people will literally give you the shirt off their back if you need it. We know we live in a great place, and it's good to know others are going to start hearing about it.

Louisiana offers a beautiful landscape. From the amazing swamps to the beauty of Kisatchie National Forest down to the treasured Gulf Coast, Louisiana has so much to offer to anyone who is travelling throughout the state.

Our Cajun culture in Acadiana, is one of the shining jewels in the crown of Louisiana. From our music to our food, we truly can say we have an area that will help visitors "feed their soul". Our state has even won a marketing award for our ability to showcase our assets.

This survey by WalletHub also couldn't come at a better time. No one was able to take a vacation last year because of Covid-19, so this year people are out on the open roads in droves. We have plenty to offer people who are wanting to take a road trip. WalletHub points out that one of the top things about our state, Louisiana ranks number one when it comes to the price of gas. You will save much more money taking a road trip across the entire state of Louisiana than anywhere else in the country. We know all of the great things about our state, but WalletHub outlines several more.

Another piece of information that was included in WalletHub's analysis is that fifty-four percent of people do consider how much gas will cost when they are making a decision on where they are going to go on vacation. With Louisiana ranking number 1 in that category, it means that we can offer plenty of affordability when people are making their plans. Hopefully, that will translate into more people wanting to visit our state.

I am wondering several things:

  • Have you gone on vacation this year? If so, where'd you go?
  • Are you planning on a vacation this summer? Where are you planning to go?
  • If money was no object, where would you want to vacation?
  • If you can't really go on vacation this year, what do you do to really relax and have some fun?

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