NBA star Anthony Davis, know for his connected eyebrows, trademarked the phrases "Fear The Brow" and "Raise The Brow" earlier this month. Now why is this relevant?  Davis will likely be taken as the No. 1 pick in this Thursday’s NBA Draft by the New Orleans Hornets.

“I don’t want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it,” Davis told CNBC. “Me and my family decided to trademark it because it’s very unique.”

Who knows, if Davis ends up in New Orleans, the' Big Easy' might have a brethren to "Who Dat".  "Brow" merchandise has been sold recently requiring Davis to send out cease-and-desist letters.  If he ends up in New Orleans, quite sure it won't be long till you'll be able to buy "Brow" merchandise wherever "Brees" merchandise is sold...legally!

[Via:  CNBC]


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