The NBA Playoffs will resume, presumably on Friday as games were again postponed on Thursday. Denver vs. Utah, Boston vs. Toronto and Clippers vs. Mavericks have all been postponed.

On Wednesday the Milwaukee Bucks put the NBA world, and some of the sports world on hold when they refused to leave their locker room as a group to play a game five against the Orlando Magic. The Bucks boycotted the game with another unjust shooting of a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin in Jacob Blake.

Here's the day yesterday summed up by Bleacher Report:

Late Wednesday night the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers had a meeting led by Lebron James and the sense was that they came out of that meeting with the feeling that the playoffs would not continue.

However, the climate changed among the players when they met on Thursday as they voted to resume the playoffs.

The decision sent reverberations across the sports world as I mentioned. First of all, Kenny Smith, a former NBA player and now an analyst for TNT made the decision to stand with the NBA players and walked off the set of NBA on TNT:

In addition, three games around Major League Baseball were boycotted by players and coaches as the Brewers-Reds, Mariners-Padres, and Dodgers-Giants made the decision not to play Wednesday night.

The WNBA boycotted their bubbled games yesterday as well.

Here's the message from the NBA leader that is LeBron James:

and many others chimed in as well...

For example, a current teammate of James JR Smith:

Former LeBron teammate with the Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love:

Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell:

The next step will be what changes will be made? What action is taken because of this boycotting and postponement of games?

Big time shoutout to the players, coaches, staff members, teams, and everyone involved in making this decision it was a major step to take. Now, we can only hope real action is taken and change is made.



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