Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Cory Arabie says that the lessons he learned growing up in Rayne are put to good use in helping to protect our country.

Arabie, a 2007 graduate of Rayne High, is a Trident missile technician for the US Navy, currently serving at a Navy submarine base in Georgia.

According to Navy Outreach, Arabie credits his success as a member of the Navy on his hometown of Rayne, Louisiana.

I learned about a strong work ethic from my hometown. I rise early and work until the job is done. - PO1 Cory Arabie, US Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia

Arabie's duties as a missile technician are to operate, test, maintain, troubleshoot, repair and maintain security for ballistic missile weapons systems.


Arabie's thoughts about being in the Navy:

Serving in the Navy is a responsibility and privilege of protecting our country - Cory Arabie, USN

Our thoughts about Arabie being in the Navy:

Thank you, Cory Arabie. Thank you for volunteering to separate yourself from your home and your family and your friends to stand firm in front of those who threaten everything you hold sacred. Your service will not go unnoticed; at least, not on our watch! - Us


Shout out to Corey's family back in Rayne, Louisiana: it is often said that the toughest job in the United States Military is that of being a military family - the wives, parents, siblings - going without their loved ones for extended periods of time. Thank you for letting us borrow him to watch our backs!

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