Acadiana, and the nation, have been rocked with drastically cold temperatures in the last couple of days. Not only is it shocking for us Louisiana folks, but it can turn dangerous very quickly. Just this morning we are hearing of a family with no electricity in Texas who died from carbon monoxide poisoning trying to stay warm. Tragic, but preventable.

The National Weather Service is passing along some great advice on how to keep warm if you have no electricity, for those of us who still might be without power during this extreme weather event. The state of Louisiana is pretty much in emergency mode right now, and earlier today LUS, and other energy service providers implemented rolling outages to conserve energy.  They have since all been cancelled, but that just goes to show you how dire the situation was. The tips come via KVUE TV in Austin, and some of them are below. We don't have to worry about this very often, but let's see if we can get through this together, safely.

  • To keep in the heat, close blinds or curtains in the house
  • To avoid wasting heat, close off rooms that are not being used
  • Layer clothing with loose-fitting lightweight warm pieces
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, but be sure to eat and drink. Remember, food provides energy to warm the body
  • Use towels or rags to stuff cracks under doors where drafts might come in.



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