A man claiming to be the victim at the center of Alvin Kamara's Las Vegas arrest has shared his injuries from the alleged beatdown he suffered at Drais Nightclub.

Darnell Greene was named in a probable cause charging document as the victim in an incident where he claims he was beaten up by the New Orleans Saints running back and others outside of an elevator at the club. If you want a recap of that development, you can see that PC doc along with more details here.

Since Greene was named, it didn't take long for the internet to locate his social media where it seems he has been sharing content related to the incident, including a graphic photo of his alleged injuries. Greene shared the photo to his official Instagram (@squirtbuck) where he claims to be the CEO of We Got Action Management.

In addition to the photo of the alleged injuries, Greene also posted clips of the PC document with the caption "THAT PART" next to an area of the report where police Kamara's reasoning for punching Greene was printed.


He also posted video content from The Shade Room that showed a TV report covering Kamara's incident.


While there are still many questions surrounding the incident overall, it doesn't look great for the Saints star, but it also may not look as bad as it seems—meaning that the incident is still under investigation and until we know the full story it will be hard to pass judgment.

As a matter of fact, this tweet from Podcast Host/Defense attorney Drew Davenport does a really good job of breaking down this story based solely on what we know as fact, as well as additional commentary that may foreshadow how this case will move forward.

Definitely worth a read.

Allow me to be fully transparent (as I've done in many Saints-related stories before)—I'm a season-ticket-holding Saints fan and a huge fan of Alvin Kamara as both a player and a person. This one has been a bit sus for anyone who has followed AK since his entry into the league and this entire incident seems entirely out of character for a guy who has never been a hothead or someone who goes looking for trouble—on or off the field.

With that said, I think he's still in hot water at best and in VERY hot water at worst. But seeing that he's dealing with a victim who's already being very vocal and blasting photos and information on social media gives us more of an idea of who Kamara is dealing with—both on that night at Drais and after the fact.

As far as video surveillance goes, it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing it anytime soon (at least not from police) as Amie Just reports that her request for body camera footage was denied due to the investigation remaining open.

There have been rumors that the case could be settled, dropped, or dragged through the court of law—but all of that is still up in the air as the investigation must be completed before we know any more details when it comes to the true fallout of this situation.

Regardless of the outcome of the legal situation, I fully expect the NFL to lay down their own discipline once all is said and done so don't be surprised if Kamara has to sit for 4-6 weeks in this upcoming season as a result of this incident.

Based on this information, tell us how you see the situation playing out by adding your opinions in the comments below or on social media.

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