Here is something that these Bossier casino gamblers will never unsee.

According to KTBS, Diamond Jacks Casino in Bossier City had more action (and less clothing) than usual last night (6/19) when a 24-year-old man went on a butt naked rampage.

The video opens up to the man cursing and yelling at police as the tables are cleared of gamblers and dealers. He picks up chairs, throwing them at police, as backup officers are called to get a handle on the situation.

Just when it seems like they may have had him under control, he makes a mad dash for the exit but is very unsuccessful. The incident was captured on video as multiple patrons were filming the fiasco as it unfolded.

The man, later identified by KTBS as Terrence Roquemore of De Berry, TX. Many suspected he was "on something," but he was taken to a local University Health Hospital for evaluation to determine what led to what we saw on tape.

Regardless of the results, he still faces some pretty serious consequences.

He faces charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault on a police officer, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer with force, disturbing the peace and obscenity. Two police officers suffered minor injuries -- one to the wrist and the other to the knee. One casino patron was taken to the hospital after some of the chemical spray affected her.

Let's hope this man gets the help he needed.

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