I posted pictures and a video of a place that a friend of mine stumbled upon while he was visiting Lafayette, and it turns out to be the old "Echo Circle" behind the now-defunct Lafayette Science Museum...

From what was explained to me by Dave Hostetter, the Planetarium Curator, the "Echo Circle" was more or less just a quiet spot near the planetarium.  He doesn't recall any "official" programs taking place there, but he said that it may have been used from time-to-time by the staff at the museum.

At the time, as Dave explained, the parking area for the hospital wasn't constructed yet, nor was the medical complex next to the hospital, so the area was rather secluded.  He does recall (on rare occasions) seeing people out there drawing or painting, and may have witnessed other 'gatherings', but he doesn't think that they were related to the museum.

I asked if the echo circle was included in the original plans for the museum, which was built in 1969, and Dave wasn't certain.  He started there in the 70s, and always remembers it being there.

I recently took a trip there to see what it looks like now, and was able to shoot this video (it's a silent video, just a walk through and look around the area).



Do you have any pictures of what it looked like "back in the day"?  I'd love to see them!!


(Via Youtube)