It appears as though a live chicken has taken up residence at a South Louisiana Popeyes restaurant. Reports say that the Slidell location has experienced an up-tick in business as many locals head to the chicken-chain to say hello to "Rocco" the rooster.

Facebook via Bossmayne Toya
Facebook via Bossmayne Toya

After the word began spreading on social media about mysterious chicken showing up to a Slidell area Popeyes, one outlet did some digging to find out exactly what this rooster was all about.

According to the report from WBRZ, employees of this Popeyes say that the rooster started hanging around the business back in September. The rooster's arrival came shortly after Hurricane Ida and he simply never left. Even after the staff of the restaurant reportedly asked around the neighborhood, no one would claim the chicken as their own.


So what'd the employees at Popeyes on Gause Boulevard do? They named the rooster "Rocco" and built him a coup outside of the restaurant. Now, locals go by Popeyes just to say hello and even feed the rooster!


The good people of Slidell have seemingly taken a liking to the new resident, although it doesn't seem like he has realized what actually goes on inside of the building quite yet. You know what they say - ignorance is bliss!

See a post from one shocked Popeyes customer on Facebook below.

More on Rocco the Rooster via @WBRZ on Twitter below.

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