I had COVID-19. I am 99% certain of where and when I contracted the virus (with the help of contact tracers). I had ups and downs while the virus ran its course (mostly downs). I lost my appetite. I lost weight. I lost "friends". Here is Day 6 of my story.

On day 6, my fever was on its way out. It never got above 98.4 (my normal is in the 97 range), and the body aches were easing as was the headache. What was new, though, was the fatigue.

I usually wake up between 6 and 7 am without the use of an alarm. This morning, I slept past 8 am. By 11 am I found myself on the sofa, struggling to keep my eyes open. I napped for over 2 hours (taking a nap is something I rarely do. Not even once a month), and then got up to get some work done (I was able to work every day while I was sick). As soon as my workday was done (around 7pm), I found myself back on the sofa, napping intermittently, until it was bedtime. I went to bed, and it was another 9+ hours-of-sleep kind of night.

I woke up tired, and that fatigue is still with me today (today is officially Day 18). Every day since I started showing symptoms I needed to nap at some point. The naps got shorter, but yesterday was the first day I didn't take a nap. Today, while I write this, I keep glancing at the sofa, but I haven't given in yet. The fatigue is real, but it is getting better.


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