I had COVID-19. I am 99% certain of where and when I contracted the virus (with the help of contact tracers; more on that later). I had ups and downs while the virus ran its course (mostly downs). I lost my appetite. I lost weight. I lost "friends". Here is my story.

DAY 3: I woke up feeling "normal" with no symptoms at all. I had to run to the office to update my computer and to attend a scheduled training meeting that could not be conducted remotely.

I arrived at the office just after noon, masked up, and headed inside. Walking into the office recently has been like walking into a ghost town: very few people. Only "essential" employees were there, and on that day, I counted 8. Normally, we would have anywhere from 25 - 40 people in the building. But still, I keep my mask on unless I am in the control room where I am usually alone.

After my short time in the office (less than 2 hours), I sanitized the room, masked up, and headed home.

I finished my work day from the house and, as I was readying for bed, I realized I was developing a headache. Thinking that it was from the Saharan dust, I took some OTC allergy relief meds and went to bed. One hour later, I woke up, shivering, drenched in sweat, with my head pounding.

Straight to the medicine cabinet for the thermometer I went. After I sterilized the thermometer (always, ALWAYS sterilize the thermometer before AND after use), I popped it under my tongue and 3 minutes later it had a reading of 101.9. My "normal" is around 97.7, so I became concerned, naturally.

After an OTC fever/pain reducer, I went back to bed, but the chills and aches kept me up for a few more hours.

My Coronavirus Experience: Day 4

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