If you thought the story about the two men illegally moving the house in south Louisiana was crazy, just wait until you see videos that led up to their arrest.

According to a report from KPEL News, 2 men caused chaos in the Loreauville area over the weekend after they illegally moved a house despite a warning from local law enforcement.

Around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, Iberia Parish Sheriff's deputies say they found Berard Road (400 block) in Loreauville blocked by an abandoned truck, trailer and house. The house is owned by 46-year-old Tony Domingue, who the Sheriff's Office says was instructed and warned against moving the house without the proper permits from Iberia Parish Government. While ignoring those instructions, many mailboxes, road signs and trees on Coteau Holmes Road were damaged. Also, power lines and polls were hit, causing 695 CLECO customers to lose power for several hours.

32-year-old Nico Comeaux was also arrested in connection with the incident and both men were charged with Violation of Parish Ordinance, Obstruction of Highway Commerce, and Criminal Damage to Property.

According to the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office, the men were booked into the Parish Jail on a bond of $125,000 each with additional charges pending.


The story has gone national, with other outlets quickly picking up on the story (as well as the mixed reactions to one of the mugshots), but what if I told you that someone actually documented this epic failure in real-time over the course of nearly ten days?

Korey Dugas runs the Facebook page Channel 0 News and he noticed some "mischievous activities in the area" back on May 12.

In the middle of a cane field, the house would move a little at a time—sometimes in the middle of the night.

Clearly, there was some sketchy activity going down since the house was being moved in the middle of a remote cane field near Loreauville. Speaking of cane fields, the weather also played a huge factor since they weren't moving the house on a solid roadway.

This definitely impacted the timing of the move, which we would ultimately find out to be illegal.

As the days passed by, Channel 0 News continued to give us play-by-play updates, having a little fun along the way.

Eventually, the house was back on the move—but slowly.

And then there was a MAJOR development. Unfortunately, it caused a ton of power outages and blocked a roadway in the area.

Updates rolled in as authorities tried to figure out how to move the house that was stuck in the middle of the road.

Would they ever find a solution? And did these guys really just leave this house in the roadway?

Eventually, it seemed like the local authorities were able to figure things out.

As wheels began to lift off the ground, there was action.

And just like that, the house was on the move. Unfortunately, the men who were responsible weren't rejoicing at all.

Read more about the incident and keep up with any updates here via KPEL News and if you're ever thinking about illegally moving a house through a cane field in south Louisiana—just don't.

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