It seems that some of the local races have been getting more and more heated as of late, and City/Parish President Joey Durel took to Facebook yesterday to say what many of us are thinking.

I understand what politicians are trying to do: in their ads they are saying "I am better than (insert opponent's name here) because I don't do what (opponent) does".  I know that slinging mud is as old as campaigning; refreshingly, though, there are some campaign ads that still only talk about the candidate featured in that ad, instead of their opponent.

If I go to a place of business and that business owner bad-mouths the competition, I will be less likely to return to that place of business.  Concentrate on what you do, do it well, and your service will speak for itself.  Your service doesn't get any better by telling me that your competition's service isn't as good as yours.

Anyway, Mr. Durel put it much more eloquently than to which I will ever be able:


Twelve years ago, I was in a tough campaign with a gentleman, Glenn Weber. At a campaign fundraiser seven years later, I introduced Glenn as a friend. I said that was how local politics should be. Campaigns can be tough, but we both treated each other, and our families with respect. In this final week of campaigning for the City-Parish Council, Sherrif (sic), and City-Parish President, we will watch various campaigns in action. This is the time that candidates and their campaigns are showing us their best, they are putting their BEST FOOT FORWARD. Make no mistake about it, a campaign is a direct reflection of the candidate! The buck stops with them.
Local elections should be fairly tame: we go to church together, see each other in restaurants, and our kids go to school together. Who will go negative? Who will attack the character of fellow human being with half truths, or even outright lies? Will it work on you? On the evening of July 27th, we became LAFAYETTE STRONG, we were united. People in the national media came up to me to compliment our community response. They used the words, "this place is different than any place we have ever been." I was so proud of our people!
Let's send a signal that we will not tolerate local politicians who divide our community just to win a race. A campaign that is divisive, cruel, and vicious, will tell you a lot about how the candidate will be in office. As I said, a campaign is a direct reflection of the candidate. If the candidate cannot manage their own, tiny campaign, don't believe they will manage their office better. Ultimately, the candidate you vote for is a reflection of you. The great thing about America, is that at some point the curtain closes, no one knows how you voted. Please vote to make LAFAYETTE STRONGER! It matters. - Joey Durel, Lafayette City/Parish President on Facebook

What do you think?  Have today's politicians become too reliant on catching their opponents doing something questionable, or do you think that it's important to show the opponent's shortcomings/faults?  Chime in and let your voice be heard in the comments below if you'd like, but be sure to let your voice be heard on Saturday when you GEAUX VOTE!!

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