LUS Fiber subscribers were left without internet connections the past few days as hackers infiltrated and overloaded the LUS Fiber system. City-Parish President Joey Durel joined ‘Nathan and Bernie in the Morning‘ for his weekly ‘Lafayette Live‘ segment to discuss the attack and what LUS Fiber plans to do in response.

"What happened to Fiber has happened to multi billion dollar companies," said Durel. "Nothing has been compromised at all except our use of the internet."

Durel says that protecting the system from hacker attacks is a daily battle, but after the recent infiltration, LUS Fiber has raised the stakes, adding man power and new equipment to the fight.

"Yesterday there was a piece of equipment being hotshotted over just to help with this particular situation," said Durel.

Though he's currently unsure what if any actions LUS Fiber will take to compensate customers who were left without service, Durel says he will meet with LUS and look into what other companies do in similar situations.

To hear the full interview, click the play button below:

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