Today in select theatres across the nation a new documentary will be shown. That movie is about a television show. That television show is Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, a mainstay of public television and growing up in America.

The film is entitled Won't You Be My Neighbor and it explores so much more than what many of us wide-eyed American kids saw flickering across our television screens. For everything that showbiz and television were supposed to be, Fred Rogers and his show for kids was not.

The official trailer for the film, which you can see above, just scratches the surface of the feelings that this documentary is bound to bring to the surface for generations of American families.

If Mr Rogers taught us anything it's this, love or the lack of it, is what shapes who we are and who we choose to become. I grew up proudly in Mr Rogers' Neighborhood and I'd like to believe that's helped me become a better me.


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