Preparing for an upcoming move, I visited a local moving company office to schedule an estimator for a quote on moving all of my worldly possessions. 

Upon entering the Mayflower Movers office on University Ave. in Lafayette, I saw an animal crate covered with a towel sitting on a desk in a brightly painted hot pink office.  I inquired; 'Whatcha got in the crate?'  The lovely lady behind the desk told me it was a 2 week old kitten, fast asleep. 

As it turns out, the lady's husband Joe and his moving crew heard meowing coming from inside the walls of the old Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center which is now abandoned.  

After searching for the origin of the meows, Joe discovered a baby orange kitty, all by herself, crying out for help.  Joe scooped up the newborn kitty in his arms and brought it home to his wife and kids. Mayflower Movers had been relocating Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital to their new multi million dollar facility on Ambassador Caffery for the past several weeks. 

After a visit to the vet, it was estimated the baby orange tabby was just a mere 2 weeks old and in surprisingly good condition, able to sip milk from a shallow bowl.

Mom and Dad gave their kids the task of naming the new furry house pet. They were hoping for a 'moving' theme in the new feline's title.  That's exactly what they got.  The kids named their new kitty 'Boxy Lady.'  Reminds me (a Baby Boomer) of an old Jimi Hendrix tune, but the kids gave her the name because their daddy brought her home in a box in his moving van and she's indeed a girl cat!

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