Let's face it, there are many problems we have today that can be linked (blamed) on Covid, the condition of highway 90 is NOT one of them. Highway 90 between New Iberia and Broussard needed resurfacing 40 years ago.

Traveling southbound on HWY 90 over the weekend proved to be very dangerous and expensive for me. Between Broussard and New Iberia, while traveling the speed limit, changing lanes from the outside lane to the inside lane, I lost a tire, bent two rims and damaged components to the front end of a 6-month-old car. The sound was frightening but the jolt even more so.

There was nothing in the road (but the road). A part of HWY 90 was so "buckled" changing lanes proved dangerous and expensive.

The condition of that stretch of HWY 90 is deplorable and unacceptable. Louisiana citizens spend more tax dollars than most neighboring states on roadways.

Baton Rouge will tell you it's because our roads are built on softer ground. Florida had more swamps than Louisiana. Mississippi and Alabama have much better roads and spend a lot less. How do those states do it?

In addition, the repairs are oftentimes worse than the original problem.


I took to social media to ask folks who travel HWY 90, "Have You Ever Popped a Tire or Damaged Your Vehicle Traveling HWY 90?".

I bought a Subaru with 'xmode' for rocky terrain. It seemed unnecessary when got it, but maybe not! I went to Broussard yesterday and the roads were terrible. -Katina M.


I cringe when we need to pull our camper on HWY 90. -Angie V.


Yes, blow out. -Scott D.


Yes! The return trip after dropping a vehicle off (now empty trailer) broke my dash mounting points in my truck. Also, had it break the transmission mounting bolts on an Isuzu box truck right outside of Franklin. -Kyler K


Hole so bad it Busted one of my shocks and I almost lost a load of watermelons off my trailer once. Road was so bumpy, it rattled the back gate loose. Luckily the person passing me alerted me to the impending disaster. -Georgina G.


My sister-in-law hit a chair in front of a Kia the other night and it busted her radiator and oil filter. -Dody T.

Dody T.
Dody T.

2 stories. 1, my daughter driving hwy 90 twards Franklin area. A truck had a lot of stuff loose in back they hit a bump an item flew out she could not avoid, hit and blew tire. 2, my husband hwy 90 twords laff in a truck had a huge piece of iron fly and hit his truck directly into windshield, impaled part way through into cab, extremely fortunate, had it been a few more inches twords drivers side, would have had a whole different ending to story. -Terry R.


Yes! About a month ago on highway 90 crossing over St. Nazaire. Something fell off a trailer and got into my tire. Lovely, lovely roads of Louisiana. -Jacob D.


Yea I lost my muffler last time I traveled it. And my transmission fell out the bottom the time before that. -Chris G.


Yes! We were One of three vehicles by Letrumpe Couldn't avoid 50 pound Angle iron in road Blew out two tires bent both rims Vehicle only 2 weeks old. -Mae L.


Yes just took my radiator out. -Michael C.

Michael C.
Michael C.


Yes, right front 18x34 all terrain tire. -Jeffrey E.


Yes. Multiple tires. -Amber I.


To make a "Damage Claims to Automobile" in Louisiana click here. For comments from motorists who have damaged their vehicles driving HWY 90 click here.

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