The mother of Baton Rouge pastor Tony Spell took to social media and posted the number to the Central Police Department, causing the office to be inundated with calls.

Baton Rouge-area pastor Tony Spell has been on the wrong side of the law as of late (and what many believe will be the wrong side of history) as he continues to defy the Louisiana governor's social distancing policy. Spell, pastor of Life Tabernacle Church, first defied the governor's orders by continuing to hold in-person church services while most other churches moved to online services. He was issued at least 6 citations by the Central Police Department for those violations. Spell again ran afoul of the law when he was arrested for Attempted Assault for intentionally (allegedly) backing his bus into the direction of a lone protester (who was on public property) near church grounds.

Spell's wife flashed a stack of cash (and a huge smile) when she arrived to bail her husband out of the slammer, and the judge in the case remanded him to house arrest, complete with ankle monitor. (Spell was not imprisoned, the judge said, because of fears he would spread the coronavirus to other inmates). Spell then broke the law again by holding church services while under house arrest, but no action has yet been taking on that infringement (if you recall, two Baton Rouge police officers were shot in the line of duty over the weekend, a case that is taking precedence over the Spell fiasco).

Yesterday, a Facebook account allegedly belonging to Spell's mother Magi Spell posted the phone number to the Central Police Department, US AG Bill Barr, LA Senator Cassidy, US President Trump, and LA Senator Kennedy, and people called. Here's the statement from the Central Police Department Chief Roger Corcoran:


Look, I get it: some people believe the governor is trampling on their First Amendment rights. By some interpretations, that might be true (we won't know until this case reaches the Supreme Court, I would guess). The other side of the argument is "but I have a right to be healthy"; could the good pastor be held accountable for spreading the virus if an outbreak occurs?

Remember, just because you have the right to do something, that doesn't mean that it's right to do it. The governor's orders do not remove Life Tabernacle Church's right to worship their god; they were enacted with the sole purpose of protecting ALL citizens from becoming COVID-19 positive. If you applaud President Trump's travel ban (purportedly to protect us from the coronavirus), then you shouldn't have a problem with the governor asking everyone to not gather in large groups. It's the same concept, just on a local level.

One of their parishioners has already died from the virus (it's still not clear how he became infected); let's hope that the rest of the congregation, and the whole community, remain healthy.

And let's hope, for Magi Spell's sake, that Karma isn't real.


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