If you believe the old marketing adage that any publicity is good publicity the last few months have been incredible for Louisiana pastor Tony Spell. Spell has made national headlines for his defiance of Louisiana's limits on crowd sizes at his Central church.

Now The Advocate is reporting that police have issued an arrest warrant for Spell. Not because of any coronavirus crowd issue but for aggravated assault. According to the story in the paper, the pastor nearly hit a protester outside his church with a church bus.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday and the warrant for Spell's arrest was issued on Monday night. Pastor Spell has defied Governor John Bel Edwards Stay-at-Home order and limits on crowd sizes at his Life Tabernacle Church. Spell has also drawn the ire of citizens outside the state for his suggestion that people donate their federal stimulus money to his organization.

In his defense Spell and his legal team have argued that the government's ban on gatherings, crowd size, and the fact that he is running a church violates the United States Constitution. 

Representatives for Spell and his church say these charges are just another attempt by police to shut down the church since they have not been able to do it any other way.


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