We've seen many fights in NFL stadiums in recent years, and now we know which stadium is the most dangerous.

You'd think stadiums in New York, Houston, or even New Orleans would top the list, but that is not so.

In a recent study, crime statistics identified the most dangerous NFL stadiums to visit.

Those conducting the research looked at crime in the zip codes of all NFL stadiums and they found Empower Field at Mile High, the home of the Denver Broncos, to be the most dangerous stadium in the NFL.

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos
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According to the crime statistics in that stadium's zip code, there are 70 crimes per 1,000 residents.

So, what's the second most dangerous NFL stadium to visit? Well, that would be The Seattle Seahawks' stadium, followed by Ford Field in Detroit where the Lions play.

The study did find that the NFL stadium in Detroit has the most violent crime in its zip code, and the Ceasar's Superdome in New Orleans ranks in the top 5 of those stadiums too.

New Orleans Faces One Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina
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The home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium, is where most fans have been a victim of a crime, which could be theft or vehicle break-ins.

We don't have a clear view as to which NFL stadium is the safest, but this study should remind you to always be aware of your surroundings when you visit any stadium.

Oh, one more thing, you should never leave anything valuable in your vehicle when parking at any stadium or venue. Sadly, we've had so many reports of vehicle break-ins in recent years as people attend games and other events.

And while the study focused on crime outside of the stadium, sadly we've seen many videos of fans fighting in stadiums, and here are just a few of the confrontations we've seen surface on social media.


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