With Father's Day once again upon us, it's time to celebrate the man we call Dad.  Unless your dad is a fitness fanatic, he most likely has or will have a dad bod.  This phenomenon (I call the "thickening") used to be a source of sadness and shame, but now - it's celebrated.

Planet Fitness has commissioned an annual Father's Day fact finding survey for the past three years.  Data collectors Kelton Global asked 2,217 Americans what they thought about their pop's physique, and the results show that the vast majority (61%) of us think that the dad-bod is sexy - and that number is on the rise, last year that number was 51%.

The data also showed that dad was overall more confident about his body than last year (79% vs. 64%), and a whopping 74% of respondents believe that father's new figure, "is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin."  51% even said it's the "new six pack!"

Prnnewswire.com breaks out a few more tidbits of data here, but it all backs one unifying truth - America loves dad-bods and it can not lie.  The other countries can deny, but when a dad walks in with sound advice and a round thing on his waist - he looks fun.

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