With Father's Day coming up this weekend, it's important to know who you should and shouldn't wish a "Happy Father's Day" to...or at least this sassy little country girl sure thinks so!

YouTube Via Sarah Brewer
YouTube Via Sarah Brewer

Father's Day From 4-Year-Old Hadley's Perspective

Sarah Brewer says on her YouTube channel "I asked my 4-year-old daughter to tell her PawPaw (my dad) Happy Father's day and this was her response."

4-year-old Hadley is obviously pretty serious about Father's Day and wants to make sure her mom understands the deal.

Hadley doesn't think it's right to wish her pawpaw Happy Father's Day because, as she is so quick-witted to point out, she and her mom aren't sisters.

To wish someone Happy Father's Day who isn't her father is just weird as far as she's concerned.

This sweet little girl is going to make a great lawyer one day.

Move over Nancy Grace, Hadley is coming!

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