This Monday Michael Jackson will have been dead 3 years to the day.  Motown signed The Jackson 5 in 1968, 'I Want You Back' jumps to number one and the rest is history.  CBS news has put together a timeline of his life with pictures and video.

Michael Jackson certainly lead quite an extraordinary but troubled life.  He really never had a childhood and was abused physically and mentally by his father Joe Jackson.   His father used to tell him his face was ugly and that he had a big nose.  Which could very well be the reason he looked the way he did in later years.

Jackson's rock was his mother Katherine Jackson.  The two were close throughout his life.  Even though Michael Jackson became much of a recluse before his death, he still stayed in touch with Katherine.

No matter what your thoughts about the 'person', one must give props to Michael Jackson for being one of the grandest musical talents to ever live.  I once heard him say in an interview that he could here music in his head and he would attempt to recreate the sound in the studio but that the sound in his head was always better than the actual studio creation.

This Monday morning Debbie Ray and I will be saluting Michael Jackson's talent by spotlighting some of his biggest hits with his brothers and during his solo career on the KTDY morning show.  We hope you join us.

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