One of the biggest problems during the pandemic is how to get food to people who are dealing with food insecurity.

So many people in rural parts of Acadiana have no transportation, and thus, they have no way to get help when they need food.

Thanks to a partnership with Catholic Charities of Acadiana and Love our Community, there will be a van whose driver will make to places where people need food donations. Love Our Community has made a donation to Cathollic Charities of three vans to use for just such this purpose. They will be brining food to distribution points to make it more accessible.

CEO and General Counsel of the William C. Schumacher Family Foundation says,

Through Love Our Community and in collaboration with many, we are thrilled to help meet a critical need in Acadiana. We didn't hesitate to empower St. Joseph Diner when Catholic Charities of Acadiana asked us to help find a way to distribute more food to those in need.

The Schumacher Family Foundation is local philanthropic organization with the goal of helping those in our community who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We the addition of this program, there will be much greater emergency food access to those in need, or at least that is the goal of this program. There are many people who physically may not be able to get out to get food assistance, or they may not have the means to travel to receive it either.

CEO of Catholic Charities of Acadiana Kim Boudreaux says,

Disaster often brings to light vulnerabilities within a community. Since the start of last year, we've realized that there are areas in Acadiana that have limited access to freshly prepared or shelf-stable food.

Mobile Food Van 2
Photo courtesy of Catholic Charities of Acadiana

You can also help by texting the word Diner to 797979. In addition, there are also other charities across Acadiana that help with food insecurity. Thank you Acadiana for all of the things you are already doing to help feed those in Acadiana who are struggling.

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