We have gotten used to the fact that the worldwide coronavirus pandemic caused some major shortages. We spent 2020 worrying about toilet paper, Clorox wipes, Lysol, Grape Nuts, and even ketchup. I'll admit, I still feel a little anxious going to the grocery store for some of my favorites, even though we have been slowly moving out of "pandemic mode" across the US. But beer? That's going to be a problem in Louisiana. A major problem.

According to the folks at NOLA.com, there has been a shortage of one of our favorite cold brews in New Orleans. Miller Lite seems to be scarce, and citizens like the co-owner of a Chartres Street gallery, Lance Vargas, are concerned. He says the 12-ounce cans have been in such short supply that he started to notice that something was amiss. And he's not exactly wrong.

Several sources, including the Associated Press and Forbes Magazine, claim that the Molson Coors Beverage Co., the maker of Miller Lite, experienced a disruption in production due to computer hackers last month. NOLA.com says that "the March 11 hack of the multi-billion-dollar brewery conglomerate most likely involved ransomware." Yikes. Crescent Crown, the distributor of Miller Lite in the New Orleans area says on their website that the product is currently out of stock, and unavailable. The company seems to be keeping tight-lipped about the situation and has not released an official statement. Let's hope it's only a temporary glitch because we really need our beer for summer fun here in Louisiana. Read more about the situation from NOLA.com and Milwaukee.com


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