Last night, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. both made their return to the boxing ring.

Tyson, 54, and Jones, 51, went the entire eight rounds in their exhibition fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. While Tyson seemed to be the aggressor throughout much of the fight the match was called a draw in the end.

While Jones Jr. didn't seem happy with the result (see his comment on "draws" below) Tyson seemed genuinely happy for the opportunity, telling the announcer he was "glad" he got this under his belt while being able to "entertain the crowd."

Tyson did joke about people seeming to worry more about Jones Jr. making it through the match than him—especially given his time away from the ring.

You can tell Tyson was emotional when he entered the ring as he blinked back tears. This is understandable given the fact that Iron Mike hasn't officially stepped foot in a boxing ring in 15 years. It didn't take long for Tyson to look like his old self, as his body seemed to ignore his age at times with powerful punches and speed that you don't see from guys in the 50+ club.

Jones was visibly exhausted throughout the match but managed to frequently keep Tyson in enough of a clinch to survive until the final bell.

But the real winner on fight night was Snoop Dogg in a unanimous decision. His commentary was the talk of the event and for good reason.

Snoop's reactions were hilarious but also genuine as he joined the announcers with his hilarious color commentary.

His joke of the night had to be when he so eloquently described Tyson-Jones Jr. as "this sh*t is like two of my uncles fighting at the barbeque."

Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.
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He even got praised by some of the best.

Look for Snoop to be doing more commentary work in the future after that knockout performance.

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