Saints superfan Jarrius "JJ" Robertson bet Micahel Strahan that the Saints would beat the Giants. Guess who lost that bet.

Strahan, of course, is a former player for the New York Giants. He's no Saints fan, but he is a man of his word.

Robertson and Strahan made a bet. JJ said that the Saints would beat the Giants. If the Saints did indeed succeed, Strahan had to do the "Who Dat" chant on national television.

After a 33-18 win by New Orleans, Strahan had to make-good on his end of the bargain. While his co-host Robin Roberts was talking about it, Strahan claimed they were victim of some bad calls. That didn't stop him from chanting, though.

Like a good sport, Strahan did the chant not once but twice to ensure that he got all the words right!

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