Eight years after releasing his ‘Let It Snow’ holiday EP, Michael Bublé is back with more Christmas music — and this time, he’s got company.

During a recent interview with CTV, Bublé revealed that his upcoming holiday album will include a duet on “White Christmas” with none other than Shania Twain. Pressed for details about their version of the traditional yuletide ballad, Bublé described it as “bouncy.”

That may sound like an unusual take on a well-known song, but overall, it sounds like Bublé’s goals for the project are pretty straightforward. “I wanted to make the quintessential Christmas record,” he explained in the interview. “I wanted to make a record that would outlive me, and I wanted to do for people what Bing Crosby did for me. He introduced me to the world of jazz and melody. And I didn’t want to be hip or edgy. I just wanted to make a really sweet Christmas record that kids can grow up with.”

Bublé’s upcoming holiday project will be the follow-up to his fourth album, ‘Crazy Love,’ released in 2009.