Okay, I have suspected this for years, but now there are studies that back up my theory:  Women DO pack too much clothing when taking trips.

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Case in point:  A trip that Shannon and I took to Europe at the beginning of 2004.  Our plans were to stay at a friend's house in Germany, and then take 'satellite' trips from there (which worked out really well for us).  So I packed my old military bag (Kit Bag, Flyers, 1 each) with enough clothes for 4 days and my backpack (I always have a carry-on with one change of clothes and some toiletries, j-i-c).  My plan was to use the backpack with 2 changes of clothing for the satellite trips, and when we return to my friend's house, use his laundry room that night, preparing the same clothes for the next satellite trip.

Shannon took a different approach.  (For the sake of a peaceful household, I will not expound on this subject.)

So, due to my experiences with a subject I will not expound upon, I believe the studies referenced in this post to be accurate.

We (the men) claim that we will be doing laundry while on vacation, and that the frequent use of a swimsuit as daily apparel reduces the amount of undergarments that we need (we are a practical lot, aren't we?).

It's these two quotes from an 'organizational psychologist' in The Daily Mail that make me giggle the most: 1) "A typical woman will think 'What about if we go to a nice place for dinner - I'll have to pack for that. What if it rains - I'll have to pack for that.'    And this gem:  2)  "As a general rule, men just do stuff on the spur of the moment. Invariably, it will be the man who is left without a smart outfit for a posh night out."

Some highlights of a survey done by GoCompare.com (taken from IndianExpress.com):

  • Women OVERpack by almost DOUBLE
  • 72% of women ALWAYS overpack
  • 20% of women have had to pay extras baggage fees at the airport
  • 42% plan to SHOP FOR MORE CLOTHES while abroad
  • The average woman will pack 19 tops and use only 10, and pack 16 'bottoms' and wear only 8.
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As I sit here watching Shannon pack for her trip, to keep from being envious because I'm not going with her, I just keep picturing myself carrying her luggage.

P.S.  Shannon just read this post.  The swelling should go down by Wednesday.

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