With many businesses closing these days it is good when we hear of one that plans to reopen, and it’s even better when that restaurant is Mel’s Diner.

Now many of you may have realized that I am off this week so I took advantage of the fact that I am off and went to breakfast at Mel's Diner in Broussard. While making small talk with the waitress it was brought up that Mel's on Johnston Street is planning to reopen sometime in the month of January.

Of course, we have all been waiting for the restaurant to reopen and it has been put off month after month so I may have been a little hesitant when I initially heard the news. However, after looking at their Facebook page it definitely looks like they are gearing up for something.


Mel’s Diner has been closed since April of 2020 due to a fire that was caused by malfunctioning appliances. It was hoped that Mel's would reopen in August but due to several issues, the opening has been delayed. I know I am looking forward to this iconic restaurant reopening and can't wait to see what the inside looks like when the renovations are completed. 

Mel's Diner is also looking to hire servers, cooks, and utility workers so they can be fully staffed when they reopen.

Here is the last update on how the construction is going:


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