Did you know that up until 2010, the now world famous "Escape Room" didn't exist?

It wasn't until Attila Gyurkovics from Budapest, Hungary, quite his job as a social worker specializing in team work to open the world's first escape room game. After playing problem solving computer games, he realized it could work in the real world.

Three months after this realization is when he quit his job and opened his escape room. There are now 80 escape rooms in Budapest alone. This phenomenon has spread so quickly and so far that there are now around 2,800 escape rooms around the world. There are even multiple right here in Acadiana!

If you're not familiar with how escape rooms work, essentially, you and a group of people are locked in a room, typically for one hour. That is how long you have to escape the room, just as the name implies. You and your team have to solve puzzles, riddles, and find clues that will eventually lead to your escape.

The fun part about these games is that they aren't meant to be impossible. Work as a team, share what you find, and some of them will even give you hints or clues if asked.

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