A McDonald's employee in Erie, PA played a significant role in police catching up to the man that murdered someone in a video which was posted onto Facebook.

Police say that a drive-thru employee at the restaurant recognized Steve Stephens when he came through and ordered a meal. According to the employees at McDonald's, Stephens order a 20-piece nugget meal with fries.

Knowing that he was wanted by police, the employee at the drive-thru informed him that the fries weren't ready and that it would be just a minute. While waiting for his fries, employees called police. 

After a few minutes waiting, Stephens drove off without his fries, but it allowed police enough time to respond to the area and thats when the pursuit began.

The quick actions by one employee may have saved more lives as Stephens promised to keep killing innocent people while on the social media platform.

Steve Stephens ultimately took his own life after police were able to catch up to him.