UPDATE (05/21/21):

The family of Cleveland Duhon told our news partners at KATC that the body found by Maurice Police yesterday was the body of their loved one. They were actually on the scene yesterday at the place where the body was discovered.

The police say the man's body was found in an area that was not that close to the original place where Duhon's car went of the road.

ORIGINAL (05/19/21) :

The Maurice Police Department says they are continuing to search for a man after his vehicle was found flooded near Etienne Road according to our news partners at KATC.

No one in Cleveland Duhon's family has heard from him after his car slipped off the roadway around 2 o'clock Tuesday morning.

They do continue their search, and they will add K9 units to the search. They have searched nearby areas using sonar, but the man has yet to be located.

Police are hoping that anyone who might have seen anything will notify them. They are not certain if he fled from the vehicle after it became flooded near the coulee, or if something more tragic has happened.

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