Matt Stuller's daughter, Alex, wrote a heart-warming blog about "Growing Up Stuller", and it's very touching.

Matt is the Owner/CEO/President/King of Stuller Settings, the global jewelry manufacturer based here in Lafayette (okay, so I don't know his official title, but he is the top guy).  I always wondered what it would be like to be Matt, and then when I started working at Stuller years back, I realized that he is just like us: a man with a family, bills, joys, problems - a regular guy with a regular life.

Looking back, I now understand that he wasn’t arguing with me – he was challenging me. That’s an important difference. - Alex Stuller

Alex's blog shows the human side of Matt Stuller, giving us a bit of insight on his family life.  In the blog, Matt's daughter fondly recalls the discussions she's had with him.  She touches on how he instilled in her a good work ethic, a sense of pride, and the importance of giving back.

It's a nice read.

(Stuller Blog)