That's a big one.

A huge sea turtle was recently recused by some good samaritans in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

The female turtle weighed in at 217 pounds and reporteldy had two rods and lots of fishing line and even a portion of a tire trailing behind her.

This massive turtle was distressed and a few good men took matters into their own hands and resued her, with the help of a team with the Gulfarium.

One person was bit on the arm by the turtle, but they were able to get her into a truck and transport her to the Gulfarium.

There is an ongoing movement along many of the beaches in Florida to save the turtles and one thing everyone can do while out on the beach is to pick up after your visit. Liter can be a hazard to turtles.

Activists also suggest that you DO NOT use bright lights on the beach at night. Instead, they recommend that you use a darker (red) type of light.

Here is another photo of this huge turtle after it was brought to shore.

Anna Sowell
Anna Sowell


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