One piece of advice that is frequently given today is this: "Remember that there are cameras everywhere!"

That piece of advice is to remind you that if you decide to do something stupid in public, your face, and your 'something stupid', will be all over the internet within hours, if not minutes.

Such was the case when a man went (nearly) ballistic on airline employees - his rant was plastered online within minutes.

What makes this incident different from most of the other airline incidents we see online is that this man was rather calm about things, considering.

"Considering what?", you ask.

Considering what just happened to him at the airport.

The airline won't let him see his dogs.

At first we though that the airline had lost his dogs but, as it turns out, they knew where the dogs were - they just wouldn't let the man see them.

What makes this post so funny (not that losing/not seeing your dogs is funny, mind you) are the reactions from people who thought the airline lost his dogs.

For those of you who never had a dog, you may never know how unhinged some of your dog-loving friends may become if ever faced with this situation.

Why are we so ga-ga about our pets?

The unconditional love. The waiting for me at the door when I get home from work. The snuggling on the sofa while I'm watching television. The joy on their faces when they get to run free at the dog park.

Obviously, this man loves his dogs enough to risk going viral.

What are people saying about the video? They believe that the man was just told that his dogs were lost, and they think that he is reacting is much calmer than they would be if faced with the same situation.

Aqua_tofana commented on the video, admitting that he would be put on several watch lists if he were in this situation.

When I first watched the video I, too, thought the dogs were lost.

I can't imagine how helpless the gentleman in the video feels. Our dogs rely on us to keep them warm and dry and fed and healthy and loved.

Who takes care of our dogs better than we do? That answer is a resounding, "no one!".

Not knowing where your dogs are must be tough to bear. Who is taking care of them? Are they on a wet/cold apron at some airport? Were they left on the now-departed airplane and now headed to dog-knows-where?

Several people commented that, if faced with this situation, the airport would have to deal with their version of "John Wick".

For those of you who haven't seen "John Wick" - the movie is about a former assassin. Someone broke into his home and killed his dog, and the rest of the movie is about revenge.

Others compared their would-be reaction to this scenario with memes or clips featuring Liam Neeson from the movie "Taken".

As it turns out, the man's dogs were where they were supposed to be, it's just that airline employees would not let the man see his dogs during the layover.

eBaumsworld picked up the story and reports that the man was on a layover in Istanbul while traveling to Switzerland.

After his meltdown, according to the story, the man was eventually allowed to see his dogs during the layover and, later, they all traveled successfully to Switzerland.

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